Door Magnets Verses Vinyl Decals

Door magnets – are a good tool for short distance travel

If you are hauling a heavy load and need to display your DOT and GVW temporarily this is a good option.

Disadvantages –

There are disadvantages to door magnets, first thing is you need to have metal doors. These days most vehicles even the big trucks do not have metal doors there made of aluminum or plastic. So that should be the first thing to check to make sure you have vehicle doors that will hold door magnets.

Another disadvantage to door magnets is weather, high winds and even speed can play a part in a long distant trip. You could be driving along, and next thing you know your magnet has blown off and you won’t even realize it until you stop.  Or your moving a medium to heavy-duty truck that requires DOT and GVW on your door, the magnet flies off you may get stopped by an officer because your information is not on the door.

Vinyl decals – is our recommendation 

We recommend vinyl for long distance trips this option will save you on so many levels as we just explained. So, if you need door magnets or a door decal Grid Mark Signs is your one stop shop.